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What is the problem with South West trains?!

Over the last few weeks the South West trains have been having numerous delay and disruptions.

It has got to the point where people get onto the morning rush hour trains without the hope of finding a seat and most likely without the hope of getting to work on time. Although you can expect it to be busy, you do not expect to be stood for the whole journey practically hugging some stranger.

We have had numerous reports from the public with complaints regarding their morning trains journeys. One report said that the South West train from Waterloo to Strawberry Hill was delayed and top that off it was so cramped that by the time the train reached Clapham Junction there was hardly any space to get onto the train and this was not regarding seating space but standing.

Another report reached us that complained of how there was absolutely no train from Twickenham station without any prior warning. The only way that they found out that the train was cancelled and that the train after that was delayed indefinitely was due to another fellow passenger who looked on their phone. They were appalled at the lack of communication and felt there should have at least been a train supervisor to inform them of the train’s cancellation before entering the platform.

For those who are lucky enough to actually get on the train they will be met with the familiar image of other passenger desperately trying to get on to the over cramped trains. As you step onto the train it is more often than not that you will hear the train instructor apologising for the delay and asking for you to move down the carriage so that other passenger can get on the train.

It is obvious from the number of complaints that TIOT have received that this is no longer acceptable. If you head to the South West trains website and then to the engineering work link you will be met with the words “Network Rail needs to do engineering work to maintain and improve the rail network. Much of this work is done at weekends and during holiday periods, but some work also needs to be done overnight during the week.”

Nowhere does it say that this work will continue into the day and disrupt the morning rush hour. We and many others think that it is appalling that the already stressful morning is made that much worse by the unacceptably poor transport provided. Although TIOT cannot fix this problem, it can let you know what to do if you are fed up of these delays.

Firstly you should complain to the south west trains either via Email, Facebook or Twitter.

Hopefully you should receive a response/apology from them and a refund for your journey.

However, don’t hold your breath as the response we got after sending South West trains an email at 09:45 on the 23 September, we did not receive a response until 21:15 the same day and the refund link they provided did not lead to a valid refunding link.

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